Web Design, Customer Management System, API Connection, Registration and Login Systems

This is a customized system, which lets the company’s clients register their own sites and then monitor their progress on Smartalyze’s website. Smartalyze offers their clients a way to improve their websites by tracking users’ eye movement, thus revealing users’ engagement, reaction to content, preferences to content, and other important information. Their eye-tracking based heatmap is superior to other systems and shows a lot more about customer behavior than other conventional methods. Overall, learning which parts of a site are most popular allows a company to place important information in those parts, improving its business’ performance.

The company wanted a customer management system with Registration and Login. Registered users can then login and manage their websites, add new, delete, see their performance – their Tracking Results. The latter include a Gaze projection image, generated by the service, Male/female visitors percentage graph, Visitors’ age statistics, Click-map report. At the time users could also fill in a short questionnaire and register for a six-month free trial for the service.

The site is currently being redesigned.


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